“My first ever class of hypnotherapy…silvia what can I say it was amazing from start to finish she amazing at what she does words can’t even describe how talented this woman is up there with one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had.i feel a lot calmer and not half as stressed as I was I’ve learned to look after me before saying yes to everyone and tiring myself out. I went in with an open mind and came out feeling like a weight was lifted from my shoulders and a clear happy place in my head. I even at the end started to cry I could t explain it but I know one thing for sure if anyone hasn’t tried it you must go even just once to have a magical experience a one I have never stopped thinking about from the moment I left.if I had the money to go every week I would be going .they say don’t knock anything till you have tried it well I tried it and I loved every second of it. this woman is a pure diamond with a magnificent talent.i just want to thank you so much Silvia for everything in that class last week you are a true inspiration thankyou so much for making such a big impact in such a short space of time”

Jane xx November 2018

“my session exceeded all expectations. I couldn’t believe how effective it was and after years of carrying a ton of crap and hurt in my brain it has now gone .”
Joyce 26th February 2019

“Even though I had some family members benefit from Silvia’s hypnotherapy service I was still kinda doubtful it could work for me. But wow…. just one session really made an incredible difference to how I was feeling. A complete mindset shift from being in quite a debilitating depressive state to feeling completely lifted out of that black hole I was in. Thank you so much Silvia!”

Paula 17th February 2019

“I used Silvia’s services to help with weight loss. She made me feel so at ease and relaxed during our sessions as we did have to talk about some quite personal things. Admittedly I haven’t magically lost weight, but I do feel different about food and how I think about things. I’ve realised that I need to respect and look after myself more. I used my last session for relaxation. This session was amazing and I felt so much better, like hitting the reset button. I’m hoping to do these every few months now as part of my self care routine. I can’t rate Silvia highly enough.”
Liz 15th January 2019